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IKO Kitesurf Instructors Course

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This course allows you to work directly as an IKO Kitesurf Instructor, internacionaly recognised.
Become an IKO Affiliated Point. You will be given an IKO Instructor Card and an IKO diploma. Also allows you to advance in the IKO Pro Career..

CANDIDATES: Level 3N IKO, at least 18 year old; Assistant Instructor Course and valid First Aid certificate

DURATION: 5 days.

PLACE: Aldeamento Pedras da Rainha in Cabanas de Tavira, Algarve - Portugal

HOW TO APPLY: contact us over the phone (00351962337285) or email us (geral@kitesurfeolis.com) to confirm your registration.

Aldeamento Pedras da Rainha

GROUP:  max. 8 candidates

NEXT COURSE: 1st to 5th March 2016







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